USA Today Goes Full-Blown Islamist to Convert Latinos

‘Hey Lations, forget about Christianity and run to Islam so you can feel good and welcome and find the true god’—this is the message in an overtly preachy piece about Latino converts to Islam published by the all-too leftist USA Today—aka “Become a Muslim Today”.

The title of the story ‘You’re going to feel welcomed’: Why more Latinos in the US are leaving the Catholic Church for Islam gives it away already. But for the sake of reference, I did go through this Islamist propaganda post written by one named Hannan Adely. And it was an entertaining read—it always is when you can actually feel being inside the mind of the person trying to sell you something that you already know enough about, and thus can’t help give a smirk.

So the post combines the cliché “peace-and-love” lines about Muslim faith with promotional images of good, smiling Muslims without their machetes and knives, and wife-beating instruments (hoping readers here are educated enough to tell rhetorical exaggeration from actual physical objects) or angry, shouting faces—all to convince any confused visitors to go to the nearest mosque and become a Muslim in less than 60 seconds.

Now, though the post does show it all, it doesn’t hurt to take a peek at the writer and see what her profile looks like. “Hannan” is a common Arabic female name (in case you didn’t know) and while not all Arabs are Muslim, majority are, and my guess is this writer is a Muslim just preaching her religion. Of course USA Today and other propaganda mobs are always looking for Islamists to spew hate against Trump and conservatives while preaching “Leave Christianity”. But along with that, targeting free speech and pointing out conservatives who support a non-Muslim American scenario are also part of their sacred propaganda ritual. No wonder that we find this writer in question “reporting” on groups that don’t want America to be dominated by Muslims. See the writer’s post Anti-Muslim groups funded by local charities, report finds on—a sister publication of USA Today.   

Islamization of the west is the dream of nearly every Muslim and now Islamization of America is the agenda of every leftist/liberal person and group. This goes hand in hand with hatred for Christianity. Thus the anti-Christian left in the US joins hands with Islamists to strengthen their numbers. Proselytism of Christians to Islam is at the core of this mission and in leftist media cartels, propagandists like the writer in question are given the spotlight to brainwash people who hate Christianity and/or conservatism—particularly Trump—to aid in this political battle.

Hannan Adely’s story on Latino Muslims ranks 10/10 on Skepticle Scale and needs to be marked “Islamic sermon” instead of a “new story”.


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