Ethnicity Finds no Mention in Wikispro Post on Hate Crime in San Diego

Yesterday’s news on the network of leftist propaganda cartels printed the same story about the outrageous crime of a San Diego man beating a Syrian teen on a bus reportedly because the young guy was chatting in Arabic with a friend on FaceTime.

So how did the dishonest media mobs present the story? Just like they always do—report things selectively to demonize who they hate for political reasons and eulogize those they use as political talking points. An example is the re-posting on Wikispro of fragments of the original story. The site describes the incident and emphasizes the Arab background of the victim. But does it mention the ethnicity or native language of the aggressor?

Not really. And you may wonder why. The answer is perhaps not so difficult to guess, and see.

Yes, the offender (who reportedly has a long criminal background) is not a white conservative man—in which case the words “white” and “racist” would have been on flags and billboards created by the leftist media mobs. Instead he is just referred to as “San Diego man” because his surname “Vergara” is a common Hispanic/Spanish name. And his picture, posted on Wikispro, shows him as a Hispanic/Latino man.

It implies that when the aggressor is a minority/non-white community member, propaganda media mobs and their accessory sites choose not to say so. Instead they just use the name of the American city/state where they reside (in this case San Diego). And combined with statements only from the victim’s side, telling his side of the story, makes it a story to make America look bad and Muslims collectively as victims of Americans.

Wikispro goes further and embeds a tweet by someone saying:

#Trump supporters are violent criminals. Adrian Richard Vergara pleads guilty to hate crime after attacking Syrian refugee – The Washington Post

Nowhere in the post is it clarified or even claimed that Vergara is a Trump-supporter. Apparently, going there would convey that Hispanics support Trump even in the dominantly liberal states like California. So even mentioning it, let alone proving, would undermine the political agenda of the post.

And yes, it’s worth looking at the writer’s credits/profile. The author bio section tells that the writer Daniel Chapman’s writings have appeared in popular publications like The Guardian, The Daily Beast, Pacific Standard magazine, and The Independent. Readers who know these publications know their political affiliations and propaganda policy against conservative America.

Wikispro story, reprinted in fragments from other leftist political publications, does one good job on the story of Vergara, namely publishing his pic so people can see for themselves what he is like. But the political agenda of the post is obvious. On the Skepticle Scale, it ranks 8/10.


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