Leftist Teacher’s Rant in USA Today Calls for Making Her Course on Racism Mandatory

What do you get when a leftist propagandist from the liberal education industry gets featured in a Democratic propaganda platform like USA Today on the issue of… guess what… race and discrimination? Answer—reloaded garbage.

A college teacher Emily Walton was USA Today’s honored contributor when they published her clichéd race-baiting rant on the topic of black-vs-white race in history. The title of this rant is “All college students should take a mandatory course on black history and white privilege.”

I took a very cursory look at this piece because it reeked so awfully of leftist nonsense that wasting even another minute on it was akin to torturing one’s mind. The ranter of course used terms like white privilege, white blindness, racial dominance etc. to appeal to the emotion of readers lacking critical thinking. But the publication didn’t wait to include her agenda statement toward the end. It’s posted right thereunder the title:

White students in my race and ethnicity class often learn the most, but few sign up to take it. All colleges should require a course like this to graduate.

My post-laughter thought on this candid confession goes as:

“So your class is so bad by its title that students just don’t bother to sign up for it. And you have to now make it mandatory because you need more students. Classic!”

This call is not just funny in its idiocy but also alarming as it openly demands enforcing the leftist agenda in classroom for all college students attending the institution (and I believe similar institutions elsewhere).

Emily Walton’s propaganda post on USA Today is openly political, racist, and pro-mind-control. It ranks 10/10 on the Skepticle Scale.


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