The Guardian Publishes Rabid Anti-Trump Rant by Leftist Propagandist

The Guardian has been the serving as one of the leading left-wing propaganda platforms, so when Yahoo News features its anti-Trump rant by an American Democrat, you couldn’t be any less impressed.

If it wasn’t for the purpose of writing this comment, I would surely not have gone beyond the ridiculous title “Trump is seriously, frighteningly unstable – the world is in danger”. Laughter break, of course. Guffaw it out!

Now, the rant by the liberal propagandist named Robert Reich – who himself looks quite unstable in his Twitter headshot, litters the same Trump-hating narrative that the liberals have been dumping all over the virtual web since Trump’s first day of Presidency. And with all the cliché Trump-bashing expressions, Mr. Reich claims “Trump would sooner start a civil war.”

Obviously this man suffers from chronic Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) and needs intervention to save whatever is left of his brain/mind (if any).

Mr. Reich’s rant is pathetic at best and ranks 10/10 on the Skepticle Scale. I can only wonder how many wasted their time on reading his nonsense.


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