MarketWatch Reposts Left-Wing Mumbo-Jumbo on Entry Refusal Policy

Buckle up for some laughable rationalization used as accusation to denounce the Trump administration. Yahoo featured on its homepage this wild loony story titled “Trump is using the same immigration policy that once kept out Jews fleeing Nazi Germany” was reposted by MarketWatch from The Conversation.

Penned by a leftist journalism professor, Laurel Leff, who has previously whined about Trump calling out Fake News outlets for their lies, this write-up tries to compare the Trump administration’s policy to enforce the immigration rule of refusing those people visa/entry that could become public charge to refusal of US in 1939 to take in Jews fleeing Nazi Germany.

 The lack of reason is obvious in the lame comparison. First, it’s not the Trump admin rule; it has been in place for decades and so enforcing it is legitimate as it is US law of the land. If Trump’s predecessors didn’t enforce it, it’s time to call them out for violating/neglecting US law.

Secondly, those applying for visas and seeking refuge are not fleeing Nazi Germany. There is no visa category for oppressed/fleeing victims of persecution. Those people seek asylum – in other words, two different things. Refugees/asylum seekers are not immigrants; they can be intended immigrants but they are not coming to US on immigrant visas (which allows them to stay permanently in US and become citizens). Even in asylum claims, the seekers need to prove their life/safety is really under threat and they are not coming to US for financial/welfare benefits. Factual reporting has shown in most claims, the realty is they do get to US just for financial benefits/welfare.

Moreover, the leftist political nature of the write-up is given away by the absence of any comment on the US President who refused to take in genuine refugees fleeing Hitler in 1939. While the post names Trump in the headline and multiple times in the post, it never names the President who shut the door in the face of German refugees in 1939. Will you be surprised if I tell you that in 1939, the US President was Franklin D. Roosevelt (or FDR) – a Democrat?

What’s really also worth noting about this propaganda piece is that MarketWatch hasn’t placed it in its Opinion section and the author’s personal political take is thus implicitly passed as a fact or news story.

Laurel Leff’s piece reposted by MarketWatch is lame political propaganda involving distortion, irrational comparison, and omission of key aspects of the issue to throw mud at Trump admin. On Ernie’s Take, it ranks 10/10 on Skepticle Scale.

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