Financial Times Panicking over Brexit

Nothing throws a gang into panic like the apprehension of a key member leaving the gang. This is what Britain has been witnessing – and in the world of news, the audiences too. As the globalist European Union sees Boris Johnson committing to leaving the EU with a deal, aka not fearing the “you will be poor” scare tactic of the EU, lamestream globalist propaganda cartels are targeting Johnson for his commitment to deliver Brexit.

Of the many such agenda-driven commentary and op-ed pieces in different outlets, Financial Times today published a piece called MPs must save the UK from Johnson’s no-deal Brexit folly. The British patriots, not the one-generation old immigrants and their globalist sponsors, but true patriotic English who care about their country and its nearly lost charm to EU slavery, support Brexit without a deal. But since the Financial Times editorial board seems to be dancing to the tune of the EU/globalist network, their piece anxiously calls for further delay of Brexit – and of course they don’t say that they never want the Brexit at all, but to keep wearing the mask of hypocrisy, they won’t say it out loud.

FT’s afore-mentioned piece is blatant political propaganda and ranks 10/10 on Skepticle Scale.


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