HuffPost Omits the Muslim Background of Arrested Would-Be Terrorist at JFK

Huffington Post is one of the most well-known anti-American and pro-Islamist propaganda platforms, one well-versed in manipulating language and putting its radical-leftist twist on stories. Their latest story featured on Yahoo is titled U.S. Citizen Arrested At JFK Airport For Allegedly Trying To Join Taliban.

The story’s title is, as one would expect of HuffPost, cunningly phrased to make the main character – a would-be terrorist – sound an American, as any other American. But reading the story at once gives away the truth. The accused is a Muslim named Delowar Mohammed Hossain, coming from a Bangladeshi family that immigrated to United States. And Delowar is described as “born in Bangladesh” in the very same story. Thus he is a Muslim immigrant.

You would expect that the headline would specify the would-be terrorist’s ethnic, religious, and geographical background. So a headline like “Muslim American Arrested at JFK Airport for Allegedly Trying to Join Taliban” or mentioning something like “Bangladeshi Immigrant” would more precisely describe the arrested man.

But then it’s HuffPost and like other left-wing propaganda outlets, hatred toward United States lies at the core of its agenda. Therefore, omitting the would-be terrorist’s Musim Bangladeshi background in the title, and putting the label “U.S. Citizen” first thing in the headline imparts the “Bad American” impression to the eyes scanning the headlines.

HuffPost’s story on the FBI’s arrest of the Muslim Bangladeshi immigrant is characteristic anti-American propaganda by the left and ranks 10/10 on Skepticle Scale.


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