Measles Case in Detroit – Reporting or Vaccine Advertorial?

When it comes to the supposedly “vaccine-preventable” diseases, pretty much all mainstream media (print, electronic, digital, etc.) go full-blown-propaganda. Want to see the latest example? Here’s a Detroit Free Press story about a recent measles case in Michigan.

Claiming that a MI “male” traveled overseas and returned with measles, the story—very predictably—segues into the cliché vaccine industry lesson of “get the shot, it’ll save you”. But there is no information on the vaccination status of the “male” (who seems to be a child as the story says the case was treated at a children’s hospital).

When press excludes the vaccination status of a measles (or other infectious disease) patient and doesn’t even mention whether they inquired the health department about the vaccination status, it strongly suggests a cover-up: every vaccinated patient catching the disease fails the “effective vaccine” claim fed to the masses daily.

Added to that, the story doesn’t mention what country the patient traveled to, when, and with whom (because those he returned with would also be exposed then; and if so, were they vaccinated or not and whether they were medically examined).

The reporting value of the Detroit Free Press story about measles case in MI is ridiculous, and on Skepticle Scale 1 to 10, it scores 10.


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