Must-Read or Must-Avoid Picks for 2020 Election?

Liberal politicians are desperate already to win 2020 and get Trump out of office, and equally or more desperate is their propaganda wing, aka media mobs.

Yesterday, Liz Cantrell on Town and Country published a list of 14 Best Political Books to Read Before the 2020 Election. Smells of something? Well, correct! The titles are anti-Trump and pro-Democrat books – including memoirs/biographies of 2020 Democrat candidates and some leftie opinions by anti-Trump junkies. Quite a few of the titles suggested seem to stick onto the discredited Russia-collusion hoax.

There is no insight in the list as to why these titles are “the best” for the 2020 election and just a couple sentences are thrown with each title as recommendation. All book titles come with Amazon page links and the site footnote says it participates in various affiliate marketing programs. I guess that seals the deal, to say.

Liz Cantrell’s list of suggested titles is a leftist propaganda post that combines political promotion with affiliate earnings and on Skepticle Scale 1 to 10, it stands at 10.


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